Easy ways to add essential oils to your beauty routine

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I’ll admit it now. I’m one of those people who has spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on beauty products over time. I was constantly searching the shelves for the new product that was going to give me beautiful, glowing skin.  More than likely, you have done the same. I have news for you, a lot of that stuff doesn’t work. That’s why we keep buying more and trying more. I finally ditched most of my beauty products and started using essentials oils daily. Here are a few ways to add essential oils to your beauty routine.

Lush Lashes

Lush lashes with essential oils

Add one drop of lavender and one drop of cedarwood to a new tube of mascara. You’re welcome. It smells wonderful and it supports healthy lashes.

 Face mask boost

Essential Oils Face Mask

I’ve been a huge fan of the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay mask since one of my friends told me about it a few years ago. How could I not try it? The name just sucked me in. It’s 100% natural and works wonders on my skin. Bump up your mask by adding one drop (or one of all three) of the essential oils below.

Lavender – Soothes skin and has high antioxidant properties

Frankincense – Here is my fave wrinkle fighter again. This stuff has so many other benefits for your body. Look it up ASAP.

Purification – Add this one to your mask if you’re fighting a breakout.

Glow Night Serum

Glow night serum with essential oils

This is one of my favorite new additions to my beauty routine. I use this serum every night. It was easy to make and promotes healthy skin using only essential oils and a carrier oil.  Purification, lemon, and tea tree help kill bacteria that could cause breakouts. Frankincense fights those pesky wrinkles.  Lemon and tea tree help reduce the appearance of dark spots. I love that all of the oils serve multiple purposes that all help me look and feel better. *I only apply this at night because citrus oil will cause your skin to be sensitive to the sun.

Glow Serum

5 Lemon

5 Purification

10 Tea Tree

10 Frankincense

Combine oils in a 10 ml glass roller bottle. Top off with the carrier oil of your choice. I used grapeseed oil because of the light consistency and healing properties.

You can also try applying frankincense or manuka with a drop of copaiba to your skin neat (oil only).

Adding essential oils to your beauty routine is easy and cost effective. A little goes a long way. Essentials oils have so many scientific benefits, you should be using them all dang day! Just be sure you are using pure essential oils. I use Young Living because of their Seed to Seal promise. Want to learn more about why I use essentials oils and avoid toxins, check out this post. You can also visit my essential oils page here. If you have any questions about essential oils, leave them in the comments below or email me at contact@birdieandjack.com.

Easy ways to add essential oils to your beauty routine


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