40 week bump update // I’m STILL pregnant

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40 week bump update

Keeping it real for you guys. This is what I’m actually wearing these days! 40 week bump update.

Well, baby girl isn’t budging so it’s Uggs, leggings, and sweaters every dang day! I’ll admit, I’m not really sad about that part! I am getting very anxious for the arrival of “tiny baby sissy”, but I’m trying to enjoy the last few days of pregnancy and the time with my littles before we welcome our new family member.


Size: Baby is the size of a watermelon. That’s really comforting.

Cravings: Ice cream – like always! I’ve also been wanting spicy foods, but my acid reflux is out of control at the moment.

What I’ve done to move things along: If you’ve seen my Instagram stories, you know I have tried acupuncture twice. My first experience was so relaxing. My 20-minute nap felt like 8 hours of sleep! The second time was much more intense and I had to stop halfway through. The contractions started coming again that night, but still no baby. Walking! We went for a long walk yesterday and I had contractions ALL night! I plan to take a walk around Target today, because why not? The hubs said I should walk around Home Depot so I don’t buy anything haha!

40 week bump update

How I’m prepping: I have everything for my bag ready to go. I try not to go crazy because honestly, it isn’t that big of a deal. My hubby can grab anything I need. I did make sure to pack a comfy sleep shirt, some slides, my smart band a Belly Bandit, lip balm, toiletries, and all the oils! My sleepy roller and diffuser are requirements for any overnight stay. I also painted my toes for the first time in a long time. Score.

The Bassinest is all set up a ready to go! I’ll be sharing more about it on the blog soon. It really was a life-saver with my other kiddos.

How I’m feeling: I made it through my final yoga teacher training of the year. I am so proud myself! Also, I’m finally having contractions again, so I’m hoping little miss will be here soon! At this point, I’m waddling, having trouble bending over, and every little thing sets off my back pain. The last week is always so rough because all you want to do is meet your baby. The waiting is the hardest part.

What the kids are doing: Every day they ask if Nonna is coming. They are ready to get me out of the house and have their Nonna here for a few days! I’ve been trying to keep them busy with lots of coloring and school activities.

What I’m having trouble with: Keeping up with the kids every day is so hard. It’s definitely testing my patience. I wish I had someone to help during the day, but I don’t. Gotta suck it up and push through since I’m almost done!

Weight gain: I’ve had a few newly pregnant ladies ask, so I wanted to add this to the post. At my last appointment (1 week ago), I was up 35 pounds from my 8-week appointment. We don’t have a scale, so I do not know where I was before I was 8 weeks pregnant. I believe I gained around 40 with the other two kiddos as well. I think it’s important to remember that we are all different and it doesn’t matter how much pregnancy weight you put on!

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