Easy Homemade Hand Soap

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As you may know, we have been working to remove toxins from our home. I’m always looking for an alternative that is inexpensive, easy, and free of all the unnecessary stuff. We avoid synthetic fragrance due to my migraines and all of the toxic additives used to scent most household products. Check out my post about choosing a non-toxic lifestyle for your family for more info. I decided it was time to give up our expensive hand soap due to additives and concerns about antibacterial ingredients. See how you can make your easy homemade hand soap below.

What you need

To get started, I grabbed some cute glass soap dispensers. I chose glass because I use essential oils to scent my soap. Over time, oils can break down plastics. If you aren’t using oils, just use your empty soap container to save $$$.

You will also need Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castille Soap. I love the 18-in-1 Hemp Baby Unscented. I always pick it up here, but found it half-off at a local store this time. Score! This stuff can be used for so many different things and one bottle will last FOREVER. It’s fair trade, non GMO, uses organic ingredients, vegan, and isn’t tested on animals. That’s a mouthful, but something is bound to float your boat.

Finally, pick an oil of your choice and some essential oils to make it smell good AND benefit our bod.  Today I went with Thieves and orange. Can you tell I’m ready for fall? I love the smell and all of the amazing benefits of Thieves EO. I’m talking immune support and major cleaning power. I also love lavender and lemon, lemon and peppermint, and Joy and orange. I get overly excited about trying new oil combos. Learn more about my journey with essential oils here.
Create a simple non-toxic hand soap with just a few ingredients.

Homemade Hand Soap

1/4 to 1/2 cup liquid castile soap

1 TBS liquid oil

10-20 drops of your fave essential oil combo

1/2 cup distilled water (may vary based on container size)


Add water to dispenser followed by liquid castile soap and essential oils. Close and lightly shake to mix. All done!




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