Essential Oils

Sharing my passion, my life, my journey. Clean living with essential oils.

Why Essential Oils?

My husband and I are firm believers in using non-toxic products in out home. We try our best to choose products that are safe for our little family. I started my oil journey after I had decided to eliminate candles from our home due to multiple studies that show candles release toxins into the air (this includes all of the popular fall and holiday candles). Since then, I replaced many household items and personal care products with essential oils. My love for oils and their benefits has since grown into a strong desire to share these benefits with others. I want my friends, my family, and everyone to know that they do not have to live with the toxins that are found in the products that many people use every day. For more about choosing a non-toxic lifestyle for your family, see my post here.

Sharing my passion, my life, my journey. Clean living with essential oils.

Why Young Living?

After experimenting with several store-bought oils, I decided to try Young Living because I wanted the best for my family. The oils are pure and free of synthetics. Young Living uses their own farms, partner farms, or Seed to Seal certified farms for 100% of their products. If products do not meet their testing standards, they are not used. One of YL’s most popular oils was out of stock for months due to a test finding. Find out more about Young Living’s Seed to Seal® promise here. If you’ve tried oils before and didn’t get the results you wanted or were irritated by the product, you may have been using a 100% synthetic product, a product with synthetics added, or a product that was not distilled correctly. This is exactly why I avoid other essential oil brands. I trust Young Living 100%!

Sharing my passion, my life, my journey. Clean living with essential oils.

How to get started

Congratulations! You have made the decision to invest in these wonderful gifts from nature. Now what? The best value would be the Premium Starter Kit (pictured above). The PSK includes 11 oils, sample bottles and cards for sharing, a roller ball attachment, sample packets, and multiple resources. Not only does it give you the ability to try many oils and combinations, but it gets you access to a community of like-minded, supportive people. Once you order your kit, I will invite you to a Facebook group where you can search for information, or ask your own questions. I LOVE my support group. Between us, we have done it all and tried it all! This is something you don’t get with store bought oils. Also, I’m always here when you have questions.

If you aren’t ready to dive in with oils, Young Living offers so many other amazing products! The Thieves line is a wonderful way to replace your cleaning products. I’m currently obsessed with the baby, or Seedlings line and the Savvy Minerals MAKEUP LINE!! Please email me at to see how you can get started this way.

Get your kit

You can order your PSK here. Be sure to select the wholesale option. This allows you access to the Premium Starter Kit and all Young Living products at a 24% discount! If you need guidance or more information, email me at I’ll walk you through the process!

Finally, should you decide to share your newfound love for oils and start a business, you have picked an amazing team to join. You will form new friendships and learn from a group of people who are kind, supportive, and motivating. Our team has endless resources to help you start and maintain a successful business that truly changes lives. Order your Premium Starter Kit here and start a journey you will not regret.

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